Why You Should Treat Toothache Immediately

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There are different kinds of toothaches and therefore different tooth problems. Each type may have different sources. We can never over stress the point that you must have an emergency dentist address the problem ASAP, reason being that the toothache and the causative problem will affect your life and your body adversely in many ways. Let’s look at the adverse effects of untreated toothache.

Adverse Effects Of Untreated Toothache

The pain from toothache is unbearable enough. Pain is always a symptom of a moreserious problem. Please, don’t be misled when toothache seems to lessen or cease a bit. Toothache never permanently goes away without treatment and that’s because our teeth do not have the capacity to heal themselves (unlike other parts of the body). Fear is one of the reasons why people decline to see a dentist. But what if you knew about the complications that could arise from untreated toothache?

Ø  Periapical Tooth Abscess

A cavity could be painless when it’s not deep. If a cavity reaches the dentin, you start to feel pain. If you “manage” through life with that, the cavity keeps deepening till it reaches the dental pulp. Here,it could get infected with bacteria. The cavity then becomes a pocket filled with foul smelling salty pus that is a mixture of dead tissue, bacteria and blood. Pain becomes extreme. The abscess may rupture and the nerves around the area may die, causing pain to lessen temporarily.But the pocket will fill up again and the infection will spread into the buccal space, causing profound swelling in the face and neck with feverish conditions. It is important to remember that abscesses never go away without treatment. And so you must immediately seek emergency dental care for a painful cavity from our emergency dentist. The dentist may be able to apply root canal treatment or other treatment to save the tooth. However, in the case of an advanced abscess, you will need an emergency tooth extraction.

Ø  Mediastinitis

Mediastinitis is a life-threatening lung infection. It carries such a high mortality rate that it is best prevented. It is a bacterial inflammation of the space between the lungs (akamediastinum). It could be acute or progressive. The mediastinum is the area where you find organs like the heart, the trachea, the esophagus, the aorta etc. Untreated periapical abscess (amongother bacterialinfections) could develop into chronic mediastinitis and damage these organs and tissue severely. This is why you should always contact an emergency dentist for emergency dental care as soon as you are aware of toothache.

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