What Dentists Don’t Tell You About Toothache

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Our oral health weighs heavily upon our self esteem. Many are afraid to go see an emergency dentist because they feel, “What will the dentist think about me?” Ever wondered what may be going through your dentist’s mind while you’re on the chair? After asking a few dentists around, we decided to compile their thoughts.

  1. The Germs Didn’t Come From Your Toothbrush – You were probably feeling guilty because you think those germ zappers and UV germ-annihilation devices were worth buying after all but you didn’t buy them and so the germs came from your un-sanitized toothbrush. Dentists are saying that’s a non-issue. The germs don’t live in your toothbrush. Read the next one to find out what causes infections.
  2. Ditch Tongue Piercings – Bacterial infection can come from the seemingly fashionable tongue piercing trend. The buccal cavity is always moist and contains bacteria which help to break down food. The buccal cavity should be left alone except for cleaning activities. Any opening made in the buccal cavity where an opening should not be will only create room for bacteria to thrive and cause infections.
  3. Invasive Buccal Procedures Could Cause Serious Health Complications – Medical procedures that invade the natural structure of the mouth (like an emergency tooth extraction or root canal treatment), even though they are meant for good, do have the potential to cause long-term illnesses. Often patients may never show any symptoms of a complication for a long time, and so when the complication does become obvious no one will connect it to the failure of the area to heal properly after the procedure was performed. And this is why you should always endeavor to seek out a dentist for emergency dental care when you feel toothache. Don’t wait till it gets extreme.
  4. Teeth Bleaching Wears Off The Enamel – Those UV whiteners (or any other extreme whiteners) used in modern-day cosmetic dentistry? Yes, those. They attack the enamel which is supposed to be a covering for your teeth to help your teeth fight against bacteria and micro cavities. When the enamel is stripped off, your teeth are left bare to the mercy (or mercilessness) of the acids formed from the breakdown of food in your mouth. This way, cavities are easier to form.
  5. Wisdom Teeth Aren’t A Danger……Yet  – Many dentists tell their patients that they should have their wisdom teeth pulled so as to avoid misalignment issues from impacted wisdom teeth. However, the dentists we spoke to suggest to wait and let the wisdom teeth actually develop on its own. Whatever complications arise during the development of the wisdom teeth can then be tackled. Often we find that there is no cause for alarm and the wisdom tooth/teeth isn’t causing any trouble at all.
  6. More Anesthetic May Be Required For Some People – People’s mouths are different due to genetics and certain life habits. Some people may need more anesthetic before a procedure. This may be why some people are screaming on the chair while receiving emergency dental care. That dentist probably thinks the patient is just being paranoid or dramatic, but this isn’t always the case. Feel like you need more anesthetic? Don’t feel bad, just say so.

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