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We believe that dental care can be customized, compassionate, affordable, and immediate, For every patient – from all stages in life – we strive to provide expert care in everything we do. Oral health is a critical component to overall will-being, and our physicians use the practice dentistry to enhance health, improve lives, and increase your chances for a great and long-lasting smile. Schedule an initial exam, X-rays, and cleaning today, or, if you have an emergency, book over the phone or online and we will be more then happy to help, your health is our priority.

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Root Canal: Process, Causes, Treatment and Care

One in three people delay dental care, according to the 2013 Aspen Dental Cost of Delay Study. Delaying dental care unfortunately

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Oral Health Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

In 2014, only 62% of adults under age 65 had visited the dentist in the past year. While preventative dental appointments every six months are

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Tooth Extractions: When Do You Need to Remove a Tooth?

When a tooth becomes infected, damaged or heavily decayed and cannot be restored, the best course of treatment is often a tooth

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